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Set Your Table For 2021 Yardi {Mardi} Gras!

With the traditional Mardi Gras cancelled, due to COVID and the inclement weather, a new kind of celebration is taking place this year in New Orleans . . .

Check out the Yardi Gras movement of 2021.

Yardi Gras Homes


It is a beautiful display of strength and resilience that we hope continues every year!

Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, is traditionally a day spent celebrating with music, food, drink, parades, and dancing. Today more than 1,000 NOLA homes are celebrating in a new way, called 'Yardi Gras'. Residents are decorating their homes and yards like parade floats.

It’s said that the Rex of the 1892 Mardi Gras parade assigned meaning to the traditional purple, green and gold colors:

  • Purple represents justice
  • Green represents faith
  • Gold represents power.

Today The Dowry celebrates the justice, faith and power of the City of New Orleans! 

We admire this display of true indomitable will! Though all our important 2021 moments look markedly different, they remain full of joy and love. 

Set You Mardi Gras Table

Whether you live in New Orleans, Portland, St. Paul, Raleigh, or New York  . . . 2021 is THE year to decorate your home and table so your intimate celebrations feel all the more special.

The Dowry has you covered with American handcrafted cloth napkins, tumblers and place settings in the traditional purple, green and gold colors Mardi Gras is known for.

Add special details to your home-based celebrations this year and create new traditions that will stand the test of time.

Shop American handcrafted cloth napkins, tumblers and place settings perfect for THIS Fat Tuesday and EVERY Fat Tuesday to come. Click the images below!

Hurricane Carafe E. Lo Ceramic Dinner Plate Purple Jambalaya or Gumbo RPK Dinner Bowl Clay Path Dessert Pedestal Eggplant  Louisiana Crawfish Cloth NapkinsAmethyst Tumbler

Laissez les bons temps rouler from The Dowry!

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