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Crosby + Taylor

Meet Deborah Chapman of Crosby and Taylor pewter-smith shop!

Meet the maker Deborah Chapman pewter smith and owner of Crosby &
Taylor in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

For over 30 years, Deborah has been designing and making lead-free pewter home goods and gifts. All products are cast and finished in Oregon.

Everything in her line will last a lifetime and beyond. Her pieces are for
people who care about living with quality kitchen tools that will elevate daily
experiences - like baking and cooking - into memorable moments. Customers of
Crosby & Taylor's measuring spoons and cups can't imagine measuring
without them. Replacements are always available should a spoon go missing.

Along with kitchen tools, Deborah offers salt dishes and condiment servers -
just right for completing a charcuterie board set-up. They are weighty, durable
and beautiful to look at.

The Crosby & Taylor collection is rounded out with lovely miniature nativity
sets - just the right size for a starter home.

If you’re looking for a wedding gift, look no further than these handcrafted
beauties. Browse through Crosby + Taylor below.

Welcome to Crosby + Taylor!

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