Thread & Whisk

Meet the Makers Carey and Meri of Thread & Whisk Studios in Portland, Oregon and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Carey and Meri founders of Thread & Whisk

Thread & Whisk creates quality handmade aprons, totes and kitchen accessories to enhance your cooking and making endeavors so you can start enjoying your next beautiful messTransport your culinary treats and daily essentials from here to there in style. The unique design of their culinary totes ensure that your movable feast, market finds, or wine arrive ready to be shared.

This designer and chef duo feels passionate about enjoying the simple pleasures in life like sharing food with family and friends. Using their different skill sets, they create stylish tools for living that are traditional in spirit while modern in design.

Carey is the thread that reminds us that great days are a series of well-spent moments all tied together. She is a designer and maker. Her formative years as a ballet dancer have inspired her lifelong appreciation for living every moment of an experience (as well as her flair for the dramatic). She relishes that there is as much beauty in the process as there is in the final outcome.

Meri is the whisk that nudges you to whip a little air into the cream to make it worthy of a celebration. She is a chef and journalist (and definitely not a hand model). Her curious nature drives her to learn all there is about something and distill it to its true essence. She's as fervent about asking who, what, when as a writer as she is about experiencing the taste, smell, and feel as a cook. 

They believe that products used for cooking and making can and should complement your style in the rest of your life. Their purposeful designs focus on form and functionality. Using quality materials and time-honed techniques, their artisanal goods inspire you to create your next masterpiece.


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    “Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.” - Gustav Mahler


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