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Warp + Beam

Meet the Maker, Emily Grossman of Warp + Beam, from her textile studio in Yonkers, New York. Emily’s passion for weaving shows in her cloth napkins, table runners, placemats, throw pillows, coasters and dish towels. She chooses all natural fibers {like cotton and wool} and plays with the interaction of texture and color to create her designs. You’ll find lovely plaids, stripes, checks and waffle sure to boost the mood and style on your breakfast nook tables and dining room tabletops.  

Meet Emily Grossman of Warp and Beam

Emily is a lifelong artist who has worked professionally as an illustrator, textile designer and art educator. Her experience working in many different mediums, from drawing, painting and sculpting, as well as music and dance, continues to influence her work as an artist.

After discovering and deeply connecting with the loom, Emily immersed herself in weaving. While weaving she realized that she wanted to turn her passion into a business, and Warp + Beam was born.

Emily draws inspiration from the interplay of light and color; like the repetition of shadows against a highway overpass … a jar of vibrant zinnias ... a sunlit brick wall. These small observations become the framework that forms her creative process.

Emily sees her handwoven textiles as small reflections of the artistic journey she began years ago, and every new spark of inspiration begins a new journey. She finds joy in the details of warping the loom and the rhythmic dance of treadling. It feels like magic as the fabric is created.

If you are looking for fresh, clean-lined, vintage loom woven home textiles for your wedding registry and home, please duck inside and browse Warp + Beam below.

Welcome to Warp + Beam! 

“How do we choose our specific material, our means of communication? Accidentally. Something speaks to us, a sound, a touch, hardness or softness, it catches us and asks us to be formed.” – Anni Albers


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