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Woven Grey

Meet the Maker, Kathleen Heafey of Woven Grey. She discovered her interest in working with design and textiles at sixteen when she was tasked with making an outfit for her high school sewing class. That orange pantsuit was only the beginning.

Kathleen Heafey of Woven Grey

She studied fine art & design at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, and has more than 20 years as a graphic designer behind her. Living in the Bay Area, Kathleen uses her talents in knitting, crocheting, embroidery, and sewing to create textiles.

Woven Grey is a small, one-woman textile studio making 100% cotton baskets to store anything from fresh garlic bulbs to yoga mats. A culmination of Kathleen’s artistry and skill, these baskets are the perfect mix of creating beautiful designs and working with handcrafted textiles.

Her focus is on natural textures, organic shapes and a modern aesthetic that brings that relaxed, coastal-living style into your home. The fact that they are so functional is a bonus. Adding these details in a room makes it feel organized, personal, and interesting.

Be beautifully organized. Shop Woven Grey's gorgeous storage baskets for your home. 


  • Monterey

Welcome to Woven Grey!


There was a Cat

Long ago there was a cat,

Who swallowed a ball of yarn;

And when the cat had kittens,

They all had sweaters on.

-- Anonymous


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