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HCC Copper Lid
HCC Copper Lid
HCC Copper Lid
House Copper & Cookware

HCC Copper Lid

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Created to last generations, each copper lid is 100% pure copper with pure hand-wiped tin lining, and designed to match the original copper cookware of the late 1700’s and late 1800’s in America.

This beautiful copper lid fits both the two quart copper pot and three quart copper pot. The unique features on each lid will bring a historical element to your kitchen!


  • 6 inch diameter x 1.5 millimeters thick 
  • Fits both 2 quart and 3 quart pots
  • Made in the USA

Care Instruction

  • Hand wash only (Dishwasher should be avoided) 
  • Dry the copper immediately after washing with a soft cloth 
  • Do not use steel wool, scouring pads or harsh soaps 
  • Copper can be cleaned using ketchup to get rid of newly oxidized fingerprints 
  • To keep the copper looking shiny and new, use copper polish or 2-1 ratio of lemon and salt, you can add 1 part vinegar for extra shine 
  • Tin is non-stick and behaves like the synthetic 
  • Tin lasts decades but will wear off with time, it can be replaced with new tin 
  • Rubbing organic flaxseed on the handles will keep them from rusting over time
  • Do not use in the oven or broiler 

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    • 7 days

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