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Alabama Sawyer

Meet the Makers, Leigh and Cliff Spencer, of Alabama Sawyer, located in the heart of Birmingham, Alabama. 

Alabama Sawyer - Cliff and Leigh

Cliff and Leigh create beautiful live-edge wood cutting boards, breakfast-in-bed trays, ice buckets, magnetic kitchen knife holders, and compost bins. They make their kitchen products from walnut, cherry, oak, hickory, maple, pecan, magnolia and sweet gum trees in and around the Birmingham area. Their homewares will add one-of-a-kind, organic details to your home.

Cliff’s education in woodworking began in his backyard in Birmingham, Alabama. He segued into building sets for high school plays, window displays for Saks Fifth Avenue in New York and finally set designs for film in Los Angeles (which gives him a profile on IMBD). But he always kept a job in a wood shop in between movies.

Leigh is a graphic designer by training and wood-obsessed by marriage. She develops her business skills every day as she runs the operations of Alabama Sawyer. A native Californian, she is loving the South.

Eventually, Cliff realized he thrived in the wood shop more than on a film crew and together with his wife Leigh, moved back to Alabama, to collaborate on wood product designs for the home and kitchen. 

Alabama Sawyer is committed to making environmentally sustainable products by repurposing timber from the urban forests of Birmingham, Alabama to create pieces that perpetuate the value and beauty of each tree. Since Alabama Sawyer began, they have diverted hundreds of logs from the landfill by transforming them into award-winning furniture and products for homes and businesses.

Welcome to Alabama Sawyer!


“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” ― John Muir


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