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Iannazzi Glass Design

Meet the Maker, Andrew Iannazzi, of Andrew Iannazzi Glass Design based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

His handcrafted spouted glass bowls, goblets, tumblers, stemless wine glasses, and decanter sets are the result of his continuous interest in timeless design and iconic form of language and imagery. 

Andrew of Iannazzi Glass Design

Andrew was introduced to glass blowing and glass art at Hartwick College in New York. Since that time he worked professionally as a glass artist in various studios across the United States before landing in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in his own studio. 

Andrew is influenced by Italian and Scandinavian design along with popular American imagery. He uses off hand and traditional hand forging techniques to create gorgeous handcrafted glassware for the home.

Welcome to Iannazzi Glass Design! 

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