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Billet + Blade

Meet the Maker Kelly Roley of Billet + Blade. After studying philosophy and religion at Baylor University, Kelly turned to the art of handcrafted wooden kitchen tools designed and made in her studio on the North Bank of the Cumberland River in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kelly Roley of Billet + Blade

Kelly creates spoons, salad servers, scoops, serving boards, muddlers and cocktail sets.

Her education influenced how she approaches the art of working with local repurposed wood. Kelly finds inspiration in nature and the cultural traditions that bring people together.

As she is working with each piece of wood she thinks about how the end result will play a key role in the comforting and intentional parts of someone’s day. Whether it’s a wooden spoon that will stir too many batches of homemade soup to count; a charred wooden bar utensil that, over time, will permanently smell like fresh mint; or a handled wooden serving board that will bring loaves of fresh bread from the oven to table; she creates objects that infuse the mundane moments of life with beauty and soul.

Welcome to Billet & Blade! 


“Old things are better than new things, because they’ve got stories in them, Ethan.” - Kami Garcia


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Billet + Blade will be back Summer 2024!