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Bobby Sharp Glassworks

Meet the Maker, Bobby Sharp, of Bobby Sharp Glassworks Studio, on historic Franklin Mountain just outside Oneonta, New York.

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Bobby Sharp's thoughtful forms and simple shapes find inspiration in centuries of artistry, from ancient Greek architecture to 20th century Bauhaus design. Bobby's timeless aesthetics take shape in functional tumblers, carafes, decanters, pitchers and champagne flutes that enhance your home or bar through their graceful artistic form.

After beginning his art as a sculptor, Bobby soon adopted glass as his favored medium. He has explored many aspects of this versatile, beautiful substance, from living in Costa Rica and blowing glass products for architects to owning his own art gallery in Oneonta, New York. Bobby's work took on especially distinctive characteristics when he started working with the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York learning from an Italian master craftsman, Bobby perfected special techniques for making his glass even purer, cleaner, and clearer.

Bobby now puts this lifetime of experience to use daily in his own studio. He carefully sources extremely pure, raw glass for his furnace. Using traditional and modern techniques inspired by artisans in Milan, Italy, he puts the molten glass through blow molds. Bobby often accentuates the crystalline beauty of his clear glass with the delicate intricacy and dynamic colors of Murano and Cane glass.

With roots in tradition and contemporary aesthetics, Bobby’s designs bring equilibrium to a chaotic world. Balancing use and beauty, Bobby creates functional art pieces of the highest quality. These unique artisanal creations will hold light and inspiration for your family for generations to come.

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