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Clay Path Studio

Meet the Makers Brooke Wilson & Kirsten Firlik of Clay Path Studio in PennsylvaniaEvery great story starts in a basement, right? Well, Clay Path Studio's does. Seven years ago Brooke and Kirsten decided to turn a long-time passion into a business.

Brooke and Kirsten of Clay Path Studio

They create place settings, mugs, plates, bowls, chip and dip platters, casseroles, platters, pitchers, soap dispensers, and creamer and sugar pots in eight different colors!

They started out teaching classes, renting studio space, participating in art shows and selling supplies. With each evolution they found themselves getting closer and closer to where they wanted to be. Now they make ceramics because it is their gift, talent and heart.   

Collaboration is paramount to them and each item they sell is a result of their commitment to designing, creating and laughing together. They hope their work brings a smile to your face as much as it does theirs.

With a focus solely on making beautifully uncomplicated pottery, Brooke and Kirsten spend their days (and nights) designing and throwing products practical enough for everyday and special enough for times of celebration and festivity.


Welcome to Clay Path Studio!


If you are not doing what you love right now...it's time to rethink who or what has stopped you from doing it and decide today what you will do about it.” - Dr Sam Collins


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