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CSF Ceramics

Meet the Maker, Casey Seawell Freeman of CSF Ceramics. She is a storyteller and her medium is clay.Casey Seawell Freeman Hand-Drawn Ceramics

While studying at Emerson College in Boston, MA. and art school at Virginia Commonwealth University, Casey discovered her love of stories and created a beautiful way of sharing them with us.

Each of her ceramic dishes, whether plates or bowls or platters, tells a story inspired by the natural world. Her hand-drawn, organic shapes and patterns nod to the leaves and trees she loves.

Freeman explains, “The plates we eat off of and the dishes we serve from are deeply involved in the rituals of everyday life. Whether it’s family dinners or apple pie in autumn, our dishes are symbolic artifacts we bring into our lives to create lasting traditions.”

We hope you find things to enrich your daily practices from CSF Ceramics.


Welcome to CSF Ceramics!


“Stop thinking about artworks as objects, and start thinking about them as triggers for experiences.” - Brian Eno


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