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Meet the Maker, Danielle Gerber, of DMG Metal & Jewelry. Danielle is a metalsmith and a one-woman show who works out of her shop and studio in Portland, Maine. She grew up on the coast of New Hampshire, but her schooling took her to Maine where she earned a BFA in metals and jewelry from the Maine College of Art.
Danielle of DMG Metal + Jewelry

She crafts jewelry, sculptures and homewares. The Dowry carries her bar accessory and utensil collections which include her jam spoon, jam knife, serving spoons, bottle opener, cocktail picks and stirrers.

Using many hand-forging and hammering techniques she brings her love of natural patterns and forms, like water and plant life, into her metal work. Danielle Gerber individually handcrafts every piece of DMG Metal & Jewelry using traditional techniques & minimal impact to the environment!

"The homewares I make are spurred from my love of forming metal and the natural patterns created through the movement of water. These copper and bronze objects utilize traditional forms with natural textures that are created through traditional silversmithing techniques, such as raising, chasing and repousse. These techniques move metal through a slow methodical process, much the same way water sculpts the earth. Through my work I feel closer to the natural world and invite my viewers to explore their own connections."

Whether it’s the feather pattern on her copper jam spoon, the organic twisted handle on her sterling silver serving spoons, or the natural texture of her forged cocktail picks and stirrers, Danielle’s metal pieces are the perfect way to add organic details to your bar cart and tabletop. 

In 2016 Danielle was awarded National Craft Week’s Rising Stars: 30 Exceptional Craftspeople Under 30 Award, for her raised metal sculptures. Most recently Danielle was awarded an emerging artisan studio equipment grant from the Maine Crafts Association.

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“The sky broke like an egg into full sunset and the water caught fire.” - Pamela Hansford Johnson


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