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Meet the Maker, Zachary Cincotta the glassblower and founder of drink. a small glass company based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Zachary created drink. to showcase glass that is intuitive and playful, yet functional and long lasting.

All of his glass is handmade using traditional Italian glass making techniques. After working for almost eight years in production based studios, Zachary decided to branch out and work for himself.

Meet Zachary Cincotta of Glassblowing Company Drink.

At age 16, Zachary began taking glass blowing courses during his first semester of school. He subsequently fell in love with the material, and after switching majors, graduated with a degree in Fine Art. To continue his study of glass, Zachary took summer intensives at institutions such as Penland School of Crafts, The Corning Museum of Glass and Pittsburgh Glass Center. This allowed him to meet and work with incredible glass artists, such as Martin Janecky, Claire Kelly and Ross Richmond.

After a summer session at the Corning Museum of Glass, Zachary received an invitation to work at Soneva Fushi, a glassblowing studio in the Maldives. He stayed and worked on the island for a short stint as an intern and happened to meet Alexander James Hamilton. Hamilton is a photographer and artist who was on the island for an art project that raised awareness on raising water levels and global warming. The two struck a friendship, and Alexander invited Zachary out to London for a month-long artist residency. The residency was an opportunity to explore mixed media, and where Zachary refined his drawing and photography skills.

Upon returning from London, Zachary began working with Jake Peifer, a glass maker who would later start Hot Glass Alley in Charlotte, North Carolina. After working with Jake for nearly a year, he decided to move across the country to work with Toni Gerlach, friend and owner of Blown Studio in Deadwood, SD. After working in the shop for a season, Zachary moved to Los Angeles, California working for a private glass studio where his understanding of the intricacies of the material developed further.

After a year of working in Los Angeles, Zachary moved back to South Dakota to help with the arrival of Fabiano Zanchi, an Italian glassmaker who had a two month residency at Mind Blown Studio. During this period of time, Zachary learned to work in traditional Italian glassmaking techniques and chandelier making.

In 2021 Zachary decided a change of scenery was needed, and made the move to Minneapolis. Zachary would shift positions to Hennepin Made, a lighting company in Minneapolis. This position taught him the intricacies of mold style production glass.

After over a year of working at multiple factories and freelancing, Zachary decided to branch out and create his own business. drink. was founded in 2022 and is a culmination of nearly ten years of practice and refinement.

Their mission is to make well crafted, quality glass that emphasizes the human experience. Each glass is unique and one of a kind, small bubbles may occur as each piece is made lovingly by hand.


Welcome to drink.


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