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Meet the Makers Victor Hermosillo and Glenda Rosa creators of FRUCS [froo ks], or For Reasons Unknown Creative Studio, based in Bronx, New York. With many years of creative experience in TV, film and advertising between them, it was a natural step. 

Glenda and Victor of FRUCS

Glenda studied Visual Communication at School of Design Altos de Chavon, DR, and Interior Design at University of Puerto Rico. From there she spent over 20 year in set design for TV and film. Victor studied Digital Multimedia in Phoenix, AZ and is a video editor/animator with a background in advertising.

With a longing to design and create things that existed in an everyday environment the married duo began sourcing 100% European linen from the Garment District in NY, personally designing patterns and color palettes, carving designs into blocks of linoleum and block printing beautiful textiles. 

They use the best quality fabric and water-based dyes so their pillows, tea towel, table runners, coasters, baskets, and wall hangings are free of harmful chemicals. 

Victor and Glenda are inspired by everyday surroundings and travel. They find themselves drawn to both natural and man-made chaos, color and patterns from both the present and the past.


Welcome to FRUCS!

“Chaos is everywhere - and artists, to fashion art and live truthfully, have no choice but to invite this unwanted guest right into the studio.” - Eric Maisel


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