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GRIZZLY Cast Iron Cookware

Meet the Makers, Katie and Kyle Caniglia, GRIZZLY Cookware co-founders living in Charlotte, NC. GRIZZLY Cookware is a veteran-owned, female-led, small business that designs and manufactures innovative cast iron cookware ~ the only nickel coated cast iron cookware in the market today!

Katie and Kyle Caniglia of GRIZZLY Cookware

Shop and register for the 12 inch skillet, 10 inch skillet and the 10 inch casserole with handles to add to your well-informed kitchen. Don’t forget to register for leather handle covers, handle wraps and potholders to keep from burning your hands while cooking!

A significant piece of their origin story is a sense of place, heavily influenced by where they called home when the journey of crafting GRIZZLY Cookware began. “In part GRIZZLY Cookware was born from an appreciation for, and desire to celebrate, the centuries-old bond between Southern cuisine and cast-iron cooking”, explains Kyle, a U.S. Army veteran.

As alternatives like stainless steel and Teflon came to market, most cast iron manufacturing in the U.S. dried up. Without quality cast iron, southern recipes and cooking was hindered. GRIZZLY was launched to honor that generations-old heritage in an innovative way.

A respect and passion for American-made craftsmanship is present throughout every aspect of GRIZZLY Cookware, and is the reason the entire manufacturing process (ideation, casting, machining, plating and packaging) started in the very same North Carolina cities and towns that Katie and Kyle call home. Today GRIZZLY is grateful to have roots in Wisconsin and Georgia as well as North Caroline, and South Carolina.

At GRIZZLY Cookware, they are proud to bring innovation to the cast iron cookware space by combining their passion for cooking and crafting quality American-made products, with their expertise in electroless nickel (EN).

They've worked hard to ensure that all of the attributes beloved by cast iron enthusiasts (like them) remain central to the experience of cooking with GRIZZLY:

  • Heat retention
  • Even heat distribution
  • Versatility

Keep top billing while improving upon the care and clean-up side of things. GRIZZLY Cookware:

  • Never has to be seasoned (or stripped and re-seasoned)
  • Offers no flavor transference (so you can go from catfish to cobbler in the same skillet after a quick rinse)
  • Doesn’t require maintenance due to rust

The goal of their innovation was to simplify the maintenance without sacrificing the magic.

Working closely with designers, engineers, academics, and manufacturers, GRIZZLY enlisted the help of top chefs to field test the inaugural 12-inch skillet in their restaurants. They also asked home cooks and outdoor enthusiasts to weigh in on versatility and ease-of-use. The feedback was unanimous.

GRIZZLY Cookware is the toughest cast iron cookware made in America and it’s ready to handle the toughest environments. From the unforgiving pace of an industrial kitchen to the discerning palate of your southern grandmother, GRIZZLY holds up. 


Welcome to GRIZZLY Cookware!


“You don’t stumble upon your heritage. It’s there, just waiting, to be explored and shared.” - Robbie Robertson


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