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Hayden Wilson Glass

Meet the Maker Hayden Dakota Wilson, of Hayden Wilson Glass, a glass blower and sculptor who grew up in a close knit community of glass artists in the Asheville, North Carolina region. Today he owns and operates his own glass studio where he explores the intersection of glass and sculpture. 

Hayden Wilson Glass

Hayden splits his time between creating beautiful and accessible glassware and pushing the limits with his art. Shop his hand blown single rocks glasses, snifters, stemless wine glasses, champagne flutes and decanters for your home bar.  

To say that glass runs through his veins would be an understatement. Hayden’s father and family friends have worked as Asheville glass artists since the 1980s. Feeling at home as an artist, Hayden attended UNC Asheville where he stepped away from what was familiar to study sculpture. 

There Hayden won an interdisciplinary craft grant for an idea he had to use the waste glaze created by the ceramics department and render it non-hazardous by using it in glassmaking. There he learned to cast iron and bronze and ended up building a glass furnace on campus. 

After earning his BFA in sculpture, Hayden was key in the growth of the glass community in Western North Carolina. He has worked as the Studio Manager for the Asheville Glass Center and North Carolina Glass Center. Hayden volunteered at the Jackson County Green Energy Park to help build equipment, has taught at Penland School of Craft, and continually works with artists in the area.

In an interview he did with WNC Magazine Hayden says, “I’ve been really fortunate on this artistic journey to have the freedom to experiment. I like being able to push outside my comfort zone, and part of that is not being afraid to fail.” You know that with every common object Hayden creates, he has added something to the design to make it special. 

Hayden’s deep-rooted connection to glass is evident in his work. His mission is to create beautiful, well designed glassware for us to use and appreciate in our homes every day.

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The artist is not a person endowed with free will who seeks his own ends, but one who allows it to realize its supreme purpose through him.” - Carl Jung

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