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Keyes Pottery

Meet the Maker, Laura Keyes of Keyes Pottery, from her potter’s studio in Asheville, North Carolina. All of Laura’s ceramic dinnerware including dinner plates, salad or dessert plates, soup bowls, dessert bowls and butter dishes are made from stoneware clay, fired in oxidation and use food safe glaze.

Laura Keyes founder of Keyes Pottery
Laura fondly recollects her first exposure to the art of pottery and writes, “My first memory of working with clay was when I was 11 years old and visiting my sister at college. She worked in the ceramic studio, making cups and bowls for the school gift shop. Walking into that huge space, looking at the rows of wheels, smelling the clay, I was immediately entranced. She helped me throw a few small bowls, which my parents still have today.”
Laura has always loved working with her hands. As a teen she took pottery classes and later worked with Mangum Pottery in Weaverville, NC as a studio assistant. It was hands on training learning to glaze, fire, and throw. They encouraged her to start her own studio, which she did in 2017, and has just recently (2020) opened a new studio.
Today she lives and works in Madison County, North Carolina where her main tenet is to create everyday functional wares that maintain elegance. Check out Keyes Ceramics below for beautiful hand-thrown items for your home and kitchen. 


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