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Lafayette Avenue Ceramics


Meet the Maker, Jillian Schimmel, the hands behind Lafayette Avenue Ceramics. In Ventor City, New Jersey, right next to the famous Atlantic City, there is a quaint street where the front doors are always open and families gather out on the front porch to enjoy the ocean breeze.

Specifically on Lafayette Avenue, there was a small grey house with a red door. This city, street and sun faded red door, is where the Schimmel family is from. This place is their heart, soul, inspiration and the name behind this beautiful ceramic work.

Jillian relocated from Philadelphia to Phoenix where she immediately fell in love with the dry, warm climate and the most alive, vibrant sunsets she had seen. She major in ceramics at Arizona State University. Her hand-thrown ceramic pieces of plates, bowls, pitches, tumblers, and mugs are glazed and fired twice.

Lafayette Avenue Ceramics was founded on the idea of bringing families back to the table. Each piece is skillfully handcrafted from start to finish and designed to be used everyday in your home. These are heirlooms for your everyday life. Connect. Nourish. Sustain.

Lafayette Avenue Ceramic Collections

  • Tide
  • Dock

Welcome to Lafayette Avenue Ceramics!

“Philosophy is really nostalgia, the desire to be at home.” - Novalis

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