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Lauren HB Studio

Meet the Maker, Lauren Herzak-Bauman of Lauren HB Studio, where she has had her own studio since 2013 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Lauren HB Studio Artist StudioLauren HB Studio believes in making work with joy and intention to lift each other up, but to also lift up the pieces going through our hands. We prioritize working together with vibrancy and harmony, sharing a deep respect for each others’ work. We place equal value on a mug as we do a large-scale commission. Above all, the hum of the studio is strong. We love and live for the process, knowing that makes the destination that much better.


Lauren HB Studio was founded by Lauren Herzak-Bauman in 2013. Trained as a sculptor and educator, and inspired by her vision and her entrepreneur spirit, Lauren taught herself how to slipcast pottery at her studio in Lakewood, Ohio and unknowingly launched a pottery business.


While interest in her unique geometric forms grew, Lauren continued to pursue her sculpture practice, landing her first public commission at The Westin Hotel in downtown Cleveland. Lauren has stayed true to her belief in the vibrancy of art to instill meaning and transform environments.


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Welcome to Lauren HB Studio! 

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