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Olga Joan

Meet the Maker, Olga Joan, of Olga Joan, a handcrafted home goods collection hailing from Hudson Valley Kingston, New York, and established in 2016. With a background in apparel and fashion it only made sense that Olga’s career would naturally evolve to start her own home goods brand. 

Like a capsule wardrobe, every home should have purposefully chosen pillows, tea towels, napkins & coasters, and aprons- the LBD "little black dresses" of home interiors.
Functional, Modern Handcrafted Home Goods; The Olga Joan brand marries both a Scandinavian ethos and spirit of Japanese Wabi Sabi to create their own unique aesthetic.

Practicality and functionality inform the products they design for a modern home.
Simple lines and geometric forms inspire us for print, pattern and their neutral color palette will always include reds and blues and allows an easy addition to any home; this season we reach for happy, pop color and introduce Blau, Citron and Punch.

The Olga Joan Collection is considerate in the fabrics they choose. Each of their products is carefully screen printed on American Canvas, European Linen, or Natural Wool Felt. It is then cut and sewn into their small batch collection, in-house or by the local community.

Olga Joan embraces handmade, handcrafted and the importance of producing locally.

Beautiful product for the Modern Human. Welcome to Olga Joan! 


"Design must be good, not just look good." -Charlotte Perriand

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