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On The Rocks

Meet the Maker, Marcela Cavaglieri, the Argentinian artist behind On The Rocks. She creates beautiful, colorful resin geode coasters from her home studio in Naples, Florida. 

Marcela Cavaglieri founder of On The Rocks

Marcela has been hand crafting beautiful objects for decades. Her resin and pigment coasters mimic the bold, shimmering colors and swirling patterns of naturally forming {and much more expensive} geodes popular in home and table decor.

Trained as a psychologist, she first turned to refinishing furniture as a way to express herself and decompress from the stress of daily life. As a result of her 25+ years working with furniture, Marcela published two books in Spanish about vintage inspiration and decor to transform your home. 

During the 2020-2021 COVID-19 pandemic, Marcela once again turned to creativity as a way of dealing with the pressure, fear and isolation. With extra time on her hands, she decided to explore a different medium of pigment and resin. Her hours of experimentation resulted in gorgeous, colorful, unique resin coasters that look like thin slices of geodes. These coasters not only protect your furniture from the dreaded water ring, they add a colorful design detail to your space. Marcela says they have sparked many conversations at her house during cocktail hour. 

Marcela’s hand crafted coasters are inspired by her interest in design. She draws on her years of experience refinishing furniture to create the perfect design elements to complement a room, table or home bar. Her plans to retire are now on hold as she explores this new path she has created for herself. 

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