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OUR Glass

Meet the Makers, husband and wife glass artists Tynan Pratumwon and Rachel Francescon Barroso, co-owners of OUR Glass in Minneapolis, Minnesota. OUR Glass features colorful blown glass decanters and/or carafes, stemless wine glasses, tall cocktail tumblers, and wine stoppers in bright colors like rosa, laranja, agua, lagoon and fog.

Our Glass Collection

Both Tynan “Ty” and Rachel began gathering inspiration for their glass work long before they knew what they would do with it. As children they lived in various countries full of rich culture and customs. These experiences went deep into their creative minds and continues to inspire their glassware collection with history today. 

Ty grew up in the midwest U.S. and Thailand. After receiving his fine arts degree, he worked in Copenhagen as a glass blower. His exposure to midwestern ideals and Thai ornamentation influences his current work with a focus on simple, usable objects enhanced by shape and bright color.

Rachel has lived in Brazil, Canada, Mexico and throughout the United States. These different cultural influences, along with her interior design degree inform her current work. She creates classic forms edited to fit everyday modern surroundings. This means you’ll recognize classic items, like a decanter, but in modern shapes and colors. 

The OUR Glass team doesn’t think of glassware as precious, and would rather see their creations dropped and broken than gather dust on a shelf somewhere. Their intention is clear and simple: to create glass objects that are used and loved every day. 

Find OUR Glass glassware items below that will refresh your space as well as your Monday night Mule.

Welcome to OUR Glass!


“I don’t think about art when I'm working. I try to think about life.” - Jean-Michel Basquiat

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