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Rex Design

Meet the Maker, Catherine Rex, of Rex Design in Costa Mesa, California. Catherine is an artist and ceramicist inspired by the feminine form, the Pacific Ocean and West Coast sunsets. 

Catherine Rex of Rex Design

Living on a boat with her partner gives Catherine plenty of opportunities to study the blue Pacific Ocean and vibrant terra cotta sunrises and sunsets that inform her marbled ceramic place settings, dinner and salad plates, bowls, mugs and tumblers, spoon rests, serving bowls and dog bowls.

Catherine grew up in the Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California. Her mother is an artist, and her father is passionate about the outdoors. So she spent her childhood surrounded by the beauty of the wilderness and great art. As a child, she was either covered head to toe in paint, from adding her own creations to the bottom of my mother’s large abstract paintings, or caked in dirt, from helping her father with his creative outdoor projects.

Throughout her childhood and adolescence, she found sanctuary in paint and clay. But even with a family full of artists, she never thought art to be a practical career choice. Catherine graduated and took a job as a Behavioral Therapist for children with Autism. While she loved this job, she yearned for something more creative. After a brief stint working as the Marketing Director for a social media start-up, she finally took the plunge and dove deep into pursuing art full time.

Catherine’s small batch ceramic tableware and serveware feel more like fine art than functional art. She loves to mix it up and design in multiple mediums and fields, and expresses her inspiration best while working with various materials. Playing keeps her creativity following. If you’re looking to add pops of color to your all white everyday place settings or you’d like to add smart and beautiful patterns to tell more of a visual story on your table, Rex Design is for you. 

Catherine is right on the mark with a succinct but noble mission to “create art that will brighten your home and day." Whether you add line drawn dinnerware to the table or a Marbled Ocean Blue serving bowls, you’ll be sharing this joy and inspiration with your family and friends. 

Welcome to Rex Design! 

“I try to give people a different way of looking at their surroundings. That’s art to me.” - Maya Lin


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