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Saori M Stoneware

Meet The Maker, Saori Matsushita, the Japanese ceramic artist of Saori M Stoneware, who relocated from Tokyo, Japan and restarted her career in Seattle, Washington with a view of Lake Washington. Saori brings a fresh perspective to The Dowry with her handcrafted, wheel-thrown vases.

Saori M Ceramics

In 2016 after completing her MFA in Sculpture at Tokyo’s Musashino Art University, Saori started her career as a ceramic artist. Not having a mentor for pottery, she trained herself, and spent a lot of time in the university library studying the formulation of glazes, sneaking into pottery classes, and watching every pottery video to learn techniques.

Saori purchased an old potter's wheel, and following in the footsteps of her craftsman grandfather made hundreds of ceramic pieces in his studio. She sold the pieces she made on the Japanese version of Etsy. In 2018 she was invited to have a solo exhibition at Gallery Goto in Ginza, Tokyo.

Her interest researching new processes and aesthetics in ceramic art, shows in her work. Some of her ceramic bowls, cups, vases and mugs are thrown on a potter’s wheel, while her trays, platters and vessels are hand-kneaded to incorporate multiple colors, and then shaped by pressing the clay into different forms.

Much of her work plays with different shades of blue, inspired by the organic movements and color seen in the sky and ocean. She calls her work “aesthetically functional stoneware” with the goal to create work that will serve as a gateway for people to love art and seek beauty in their daily lives.

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