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Swan City Ceramics

Meet the Makers, Jess and Nick, co-owners and founders of Swan City Ceramics in Lakeland, Florida. Working together Jess and Nick create one-of-a-kind, functional handmade ceramics for your home.
Jess & Nick of Swan City Ceramics
The name "Swan City" came to fruition after Jess and Nick moved from Philadelphia in 2021 to Lakeland which is nicknamed the "Swan City". They both stated it was a wonderful move, "to leave the overcrowded city and breathe in the fresh air in Florida. The people have been extremely welcoming and helpful to us since we made the relocation move!"

Every item is individually thrown on their pottery wheel, then trimmed and refined with intention. Their glazes are created from scratch and fired to Cone 6 oxidation. The work of Swan City Ceramics embraces form and function to render handcrafted, American goods.

Jess and Nick love making work that is accessible to everyone!

Welcome to Swan City Ceramics!

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