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Meet the Maker, Sue Henry, of Tulusa. From her studio in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, VA. Sue and her team believe every cloth napkin, placemat, table runner and pillow is a beautiful, perfect, unique, piece of art. They design their distinct patterns, hand-carve the blocks, and print yards of heirloom quality linen using colorfast and non-toxic inks that are mixed in-house and unique to them. Once the fabric is created, they cut, hem, and finish each piece.  

Sue Henry founder of Tulusa

Originally from Pennsylvania, Sue moved to Alexandria almost 20 years ago. Sue got her start as a sculptor in the California home-decor and art world building life-size (and larger) figurative work, fountains, and garden sculptures.

In 1997, she moved to Colorado where her work became more geared to home life and functionality. In 2015, after a break from the art world, Sue started carving blocks, printing, embroidering, and selling her home goods.

Tulusa lives at the intersection of artful creativity and everyday practicality. Their handmade, block-printed housewares bring joy to treasured spaces and help make homes an inspired place to be.

Tulusa cares deeply about the finished product and about keeping all that they can in-house. You may find variations from piece-to-piece. That is part of the beauty of what they do.

According to Sue, “because our process is done by hand there is variation; it’s the inexactness of the end result that is true art. It’s unexpected at times but always, always exactly as it should be.” 

Shop artisan-made textiles that add a personal touch to your home decor.

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“In art as in love, instinct is enough.”  - Anatole France


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