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Thanks for your interest in becoming a Dowry artist. We hope we are able to bring you value as we connect you to couples who want to fill their homes with inspiring and uncommon finds. Here is a little more about the program.

Focus on your craft while we provide,

  • a fresh and unconventional marketplace that is easy to join.
  • an artisan collection page that we set up and manage for you.
  • product pages that we set up and manage for you.
  • no payout to a wholesaler.
  • Dowry-branded packaging and marketing inserts.

To market, sell and ship your products in small quantities to a large-scale audience, The Dowry manages,

  • inventory restrictions (lead time, quantity and variants such as color and size).
  • a marketing and social presence for The Dowry artists.
  • sales orders, payment processing and on-time payouts.
  • customer support, returns and damages.
  • shipping logistics – you just package it and drop it in the mail.

Below is the Artist Application.

Once received we will reach out to you in 48 hours to curate your product submission & pages.