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Cheese Grotto Piatto
Cheese Grotto Piatto
Cheese Grotto Piatto
Cheese Grotto Piatto
Cheese Grotto Piatto
Cheese Grotto Piatto
Cheese Grotto Piatto
Cheese Grotto Piatto
Cheese Grotto Piatto
Cheese Grotto

Cheese Grotto Piatto

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The Piatto is the smallest cheese grotto in the collection; perfect for more compact, urban living. The unique design features a strong magnet assembly. Align the panels properly and it will lock in place easily. When you don’t need it, The Piatto can store flat in the cupboard to maximize your space. Made with food safe, sustainable, non-toxic birch wood so it is resistant to mold and stains.

From the design to materials used, everything about the Cheese Grotto is selected to maintain cheese integrity and flavor. Providing proper ventilation, temperature control, humidity, and light exposure can keep cheese fresh and ready to eat for weeks. 

  • For 7 to 10 days, you can store cheese in the Grotto under 70ºF on the counter or in a cellar, like the French do
  • For long-term storage of cheese, it is recommended to keep the Cheese Grotto at refrigeration temperatures (34ºF to 39º F, preferably 39ºF)

Beyond functionality, The Piatto truly looks charming on your countertop or on a shelf in your refrigerator and will start many conversations that all end the same way ... sharing cheese with people you love!


  • 6.5 inch square
  • Holds 1 pound of cheese
  • Includes
    • Birch wood serving shelf
    • Handcrafted clay brick for humidity control
    • Antimicrobial floor
    • Genuine leather tab with copper mount
    • Plexiglass paneling for easy viewing
    • Sliding door easy to open and close in the refrigerator
  • Made in the USA 

Care Instruction

  • Hand wash birch shelf with extremely hot water and a splash of distilled white vinegar.
  • Allow the Grotto shelves to air dry between uses.
  • For maintenance of the birch shelf, a monthly application of mineral oil is recommended.
  • Wood has the potential to harbor bacteria and pathogens if not cleaned properly and regularly.

Ship Time

  • 2 weeks

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