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One Year Membership "Smart in the Kitchen" School
One Year Membership "Smart in the Kitchen" School
One Year Membership "Smart in the Kitchen" School
Smart In The Kitchen

One Year Membership "Smart in the Kitchen" School

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Want to be more confident in the kitchen? Let's cook! Join Marcia Smart in the kitchen. She'll take you on a journey to become a more confident and intuitive home cook.

Smart in the Kitchen School is an online destination for home cooks to learn knife skills, kitchen tips, cooking methods and techniques to build confidence. You’ll go from stressed to master chef!

Register for a whole year of DELICIOUS cooking classes and culinary instruction, presented in bite size pieces that you can watch live or on your own time. Marcia's goal is to help home cooks like you plan and execute delicious, healthy, and satisfying meals. She can't wait to share her monthly recipe classes, with lessons that will change your game in the kitchen.

What's Included:

  • Monthly Zoom cooking class
  • Recipes galore!
  • A video lesson library of cooking classes
  • Knife skills lessons
  • Kitchen equipment checklist
  • Pantry essentials checklist
  • Printable meal planning pages
  • Private Facebook community support and Q&A directly on the school site
  • Direct communication with Marcia (post any questions and she'll get you answers ASAP)!

The membership includes access to a password-protected members only cooking school site full of knife skills videos, recorded cooking lessons, equipment checklists and recipes to download. There’s also a live cooking class once a month with a class recording shared to the site afterwards. New members are able to access all past recordings and recipes. Plus, members of the cooking school receive exclusive discounts to all my other online classes.

How your gift will be received:

  1. Purchase the gift just like any other product on The Dowry.
  2. Check your email after you complete the purchase. You will receive an email with a coupon code for a 1-year membership.
  3. Forward your confirmation email to the gift recipient. The email will contain the coupon code and a link to set up a password for their membership.

And that's it. Your newly weds (or favorite chef) will be cooking in no time!

Welcome to Smart in the Kitchen School.

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