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PLC White Concrete Bottle Coaster
PLC White Concrete Bottle Coaster
PLC White Concrete Bottle Coaster
Port Living Co.

PLC White Concrete Bottle Coaster

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The Port Living Concrete Bottle Coaster will save your dining room tabletop, home bar counter, or table cloth from drips, cool condensation, stains and rings! The bottom of the tabletop trivet is backed with cork for tabletop protection. Don't let you champagne, white wine, or other cool beverage leave sweat marks on your furniture!

These bottle coasters are hand burnished with FDA approved sealer from PLC concrete. Sustainability Portland limestone cement (PLC) is a blended cement with a higher limestone content, which results in a product that works the same, measures the same, and performs the same, but with a reduction in carbon footprint of 10% on average.


  • 5.625 inch diameter x .75 inches
  • 1 lb
  • Made in the USA

Care Instruction

  • Wipe clean with damp cloth
  • Patina with use may vary

Ship Time

  • 5-7 days

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