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Retro Carnival Channel Tray, Large
Retro Carnival Channel Tray, Large
Helen Rudy Glass

Retro Carnival Channel Tray, Large

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The Retro Carnival Platter consists of layers of hand-cut glass fused together to create a large, colorful, modern platter, created in the artists own unique “Carnival-Style.”

This elegant and functional platter is perfect for decoration and is food-safe. Use it to display your gorgeous baked creations, serve elegant appetizers, or as part of your decor. Every piece is made by hand, so no two pieces are exactly alike in color, design, texture, or shape.


  • 23 inches x 7 inches x 1.5 inches
    • Made in the USA

    Care Instruction

    • Hand wash
    • Do not put in the oven or microwave

    Ship Time

    • 5 business days
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