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Kitchen Cutlery Skills Class
Kitchen Cutlery Skills Class
Smart In The Kitchen

Kitchen Cutlery Skills Class

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In this self-paced online course, you'll learn how to chop and mince the most common ingredients for cooking at home. Knowing how to prep key ingredients efficiently and quickly will cut your prep time in half!

We’ll talk about the knives you really need at home, how to select and care for your knives, how to correctly hold a chef’s knife, and how to prep the aromatics and vegetables you use most. Chop chop, let’s get cooking!

In this self-paced online course, you'll learn:

  • How to select and care for your knives
  • How to comfortably and correctly hold a chef's knife
  • The knives you really need in your kitchen
  • How to cut and prep faster and more efficiently
  • How to not end up in the ER (fingers crossed!)

Knife videos that are included:

  1. Welcome Video
  2. What Knives You Should Buy
  3. How to Hold Your Knife
  4. How to Sharpen Your Knife 
  5. How to Cut an Onion
  6. How to Peel and Mince Garlic
  7. How to Dice Shallots
  8. How to Cut Scallions
  9. How to Wash and Cut Leeks
  10. How to Chop Carrots
  11. How to Cut Celery
  12. How to Cut Bell Pepper
  13. How to Cut Jalapeño
  14. Herbs Part 1
  15. Herbs Part 2

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And that's it. Your newly weds (or favorite chef) will be cooking in no time!

Welcome to Smart in the Kitchen School.

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