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The Essence of The Dowry. The Story of Founder Megan Hodges Green.


A wedding gift registry and marketplace that allows you to register and shop with meaning.


Approximately 80% of engaged couples set up a wedding gift registry. Registries are inherently personalized to the couple and are crafted with a set purpose and meaning related to building their life together. - The Knot Real Weddings 2019 Study

People and places are essential in my life. I love surrounding myself with meaningful, handcrafted home goods that remind me of people and places that I love and have transformed me into who I am.

Taj Mahal
For instance, the small marble box with inlaid stones that sits on my bathroom counter. Four years ago, I was in Agra for my sister’s Indian wedding. The breathtaking morning sun was hitting the Taj Mahal over the Yamuna River.

I decided to browse a small open-air market before I headed to the mausoleum. I can still smell the masala tea, hear the loud voices in the market, and remember the man’s face who sold me the box. These memories are stored like priceless keepsakes, and I think about that vibrant, congested city every time I lift the marble lid.


Or the crisply framed, poster-size photograph of palm trees hanging in my guest room that I purchased one sunny afternoon at a street market in Venice Beach. My (now) fiancé and I were enjoying the sun and salt air blowing in from the Pacific Ocean when I saw a man selling beautiful photography on Abbot Kinney.

Venice Beach PhotoThis photograph reminds me of my California roots, my family that still lives there, and that restorative day I spent in Venice. My house is miles away, but a piece of my California DNA is now here in Texas.

I love the details of my home that weave together my life’s story, and I love the ability to share my home and life with others, inviting them in to create new memories.

From curating a place that feels special and specific to sharing it with others, making a home can be challenging, expensive and time consuming. But the challenges are worth it. What results is a home that is unique and personal.

Trying to select unique household items for my 2007 wedding gift registry was frustrating. My options were generic and mass-produced and said nothing about me, my fiance or the life we were creating. I was looking for handcrafted details and unexpected shapes and patterns, all made with exquisite quality that was still affordable. I was looking for items you’d find tucked into artist studios and open-air bazaars that were not yet available on any wedding gift registries. 

I've seen a shift since 2007 that excites me. There’s a desire for nonconformity and shopping brands that promote authenticity and a strong social conscience. Finding companies that are transparent and maintain superior quality is causing more shoppers to buy from small and local businesses.

  • Up 233% year over year: Couples use their wedding gift registries to give back.

  • 30% of couples create a honeymoon registry (especially millennials who value experiences). Charity and cash fund registries are on the rise.

Society is creating a safe space for being unique and authentic. From fashion, travel and home decor, it’s all about the experience and extension of our personalities.

Until now, wedding gift registries have only offered couples mass-produced products from big-box retailers. A home outfitted this way lacks personal details. If your goal is to create a home that is unique and uncompromising, this can’t be the only way. We deserve to fill our homes with meaningful housewares that represent the essence of who we are.

  • The average couple creates more than three different registries.

  • The majority of couples are now living together before marriage and using their wedding gift registry to curate items and experiences that are most relevant to their current life stage.

Megan Hodges, Founder & CEOThe Dowry marketplace empowers couples to build a wedding gift registry from items exquisitely shaped, woven, painted and imagined by hand-selected artisans. It’s a talented group that we are incredibly excited to share with you! I’m happy to introduce you to The Dowry, an ethically minded wedding gift registry and curated artisan marketplace. My intent is to design a business that refuses the notion of a one-size-fits-all existence.

Welcome to The Dowry!

Megan Hodges Green

Megan Hodges

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