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Design Trifecta

Meet the Makers, Henry and Sara Leggett, co-owners of Design Trifecta and the 360 Knife Block product line in San Francisco, CA. The award-winning 360 Knife Block sits on your kitchen counter while beautifully and easily holding your entire home kitchen cutlery collection.

Henry Leggett of Design Trifecta

Henry Leggett grew up in an English fishing town, Winterton-on-Sea, on the coast of Norfolk, England. His life is inspired by travel and on his trips he developed a passion for fine furniture and quality British woodworking. After earning a technical degree in design prototyping and a masters of arts in furniture design from London Guild Hall, he spent nearly a decade making custom furniture.

Sara Leggett grew up in Seattle, WA, and earned her MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management from Arizona State University. In 2015 she created and oversaw the Kickstarter campaign for the launch of the 360 Knife Block. This crowdfunded campaign was fully funded in just four days!

Sara Leggett of Design Trifecta

In 2014 the Leggett’s started Design Trifecta in San Francisco, to focus on developing new and innovative designs including the 360 Knife Block. The 360 Knife Block and 360 Knife Block Max collection is made with sustainable materials utilizing domestically sourced woods from Oregon.

The rotating (think lazy-susan) knife block uses a fabrication technology that minimizes waste, and delivers a beautiful and functional product for your kitchen countertop. Each block is hand-made, hand-finished and hand-packaged in the Design Trifecta San Francisco Wood shop, and has been voted by The Kitchn as “the only knife block they can get behind.” Depending on which knife block you purchase, they can hold from 9 - 20 plus knives at one time!

Henry and Sara continue to innovate on their vision to manufacture high-quality, thoughtfully designed and technology-driven products for the home kitchen.

Design Trifecta Collections

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Welcome to Design Trifecta!


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