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Personalized Ebonized Black Walnut 360KB™ Knife Block
Personalized Ebonized Black Walnut 360KB™ Knife Block
Design Trifecta

Personalized Ebonized Black Walnut 360KB™ Knife Block

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The shortest member of the 360 Knife Block® family the 360KB™ is 10″ tall for the ideal fit under upper cabinets while providing capacity for up to 10″ long blades. The 360KB™ does not have a skirt like the OG, or slots like the MAX, for a clean modern design, while delivering the same strong magnets, smooth rotation, heavy stability and handmade attention to detail we know knife fans appreciate. The tapered 10″ long sides are the ideal mix of function and style quintessential of the 360 Knife Block brand. 

Same strong strategically located magnets means you can position two or three knives on each of the 4″ wide vertical sides. Weighing 11 pounds our heavy rotating block is essential to safely hold knives while proving the stability necessary to  remove knives with only one hand. 

Handmade in the Washington State wood-shop. Design Trifecta leverages technology using CNC routers to cut parts. They laser etch their logo (and customizations) then hand assemble, hand sand, hand finish and hand package every 360 Knife Block. Available in 3 different types of wood, all sustainably farmed and milled in Bellingham, Washington.  


  • 10 inches tall x 6- 4 inch sides
  • Holds 14+ knives (up to 3 per side + top slots) that are 10 inches in length
  • Personalization will be on the bottom of the KB
    • Each font is 0.4 inches tall
    • Etching size will be 3 inches wide x 2.5 inches tall 
  • Knives not included
  • Made in the USA


  • Place order
  • We send a proof of the laser etching
  • You approve the proof
  • Two weeks to create product
  • One week to ship!

Care Instruction

  • Dry your knives before putting on knife block
  • Keep knife block dry
  • Wipe knife block clean with a damp rag
  • Maintain knife block by coating with mineral oil

Ship Time

  • Two weeks to create product
  • One week to ship!

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