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Register for Experiences: Smart In The Kitchen with Chef Marcia Smart

Marcia Smart is a Houston-based culinary instructor, professional recipe developer, and food writer and the owner of Smart in the Kitchen and Smart in the Kitchen School. Through Smart in the Kitchen, Marcia writes about meal planning, easy weeknight recipes and healthy family dinners. Smart in the Kitchen School is an online culinary platform teaching cooking classes, culinary team-building events and cooking and meal planning basics.

Marcia Smart in the Kitchen

Marcia began her career in the editorial department of Parenting magazine and has worked as a website producer, a food editor, restaurant critic and a culinary instructor. She regularly appears as a cooking and culinary expert on NBC’s Houston Life and has been a cooking guest on Hallmark’s Home & Family TV. Her articles and recipes have appeared in the Houston Chronicle, Cooking Light, Sunset, Parenting, Robb Report, Houston City Cook, Parenting Travel, and Safeway magazine.

A graduate of the professional culinary program at Tante Marie Cooking School in San Francisco, if she’s not teaching cooking classes around the country, she can be found in the mountains of Idaho or at Kitchenette Farm, her teaching kitchen outside of Round Top, Texas. Marcia invites you to visit her cooking school site, blog at or Instagram.


We believe that cooking should be a source of joy and an outpouring of love, not something to stress about. 

We strive to inspire home cooks to prepare meals at home and make good, healthy, simple dinners to enjoy at the family table.