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Spencer's Custom Wood

Meet the Maker, Sidney Spencer, of Spencer’s Custom Wood in Austin, Texas. Sidney is a military veteran and woodworker, who creates butcher blocks, cutting boards, charcuterie boards and cheese slicers. His handmade pieces are made using a variety of wood types. 

Sidney founder of Spencer's Custom Wood

With no formal training, Sidney tackled his first wood project as a means to an end. His daughter needed a shoe rack, and the prefabricated pieces he found seemed poorly assembled out of cheap materials. A passion for woodworking was sparked through the creation process of this first project.

As a true self-taught artist, Sidney is continually honing his craft, modifying his processes, and improving his technique. Sidney is inspired by the process of starting with a raw wood piece, carving it by hand, ultimately turning it into something sustainable, functional and representative of home.

His wood items are created to be something beautiful for the home that will bring joy and traditions for generations.

Shop veteran owned, American-made, wood-crafted home goods below.

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 "Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions."

— Oliver Wendell Holmes


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