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Town Cutler

Meet The Maker, Galen Garretson, chef and owner, of Town Cutler in Reno, Nevada.

Chef Galen Garretson spent years cooking in elite kitchens in San Francisco before following his childhood dream of making his own handmade cutlery. Town Cutler began in 2011 in San Francisco, where they explored different ideas and developed new products.

The focus was always on creating enduring handmade goods, making the most of materials, and improving and sharing knowledge with their customers. A revival of high-quality American-made knives was long overdue.

Galen Garretson founder of Town Cutler

Today, Galen guides a new generation of knife makers in his Reno Nevada workshop. Their skilled craftsmen focus on making high-quality, professional-grade knives  for people with a passion for cooking and an eye for well-made goods. Town Cutler knives boast beautifully designed unique handles to fit any style along with top quality steel blades made to last for generations. 

These quality knives are perfect for your wedding registry! Browse Town Cutler below to shop paring, chef, utility, hankotsu, cleavers, and other necessary kitchen cutlery.

Welcome to Town Cutler!


“My years cooking, taking raw materials and transforming them into something refined through technique and finesse, is not unlike the process of making a good knife.” - Galen Garretson, Town Cutler

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