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Vermont Rolling Pins

Meet the Makers, Ken and Cyndi Freeman of Vermont Rolling Pins from their woodworking studio in Vermont. Vermont Rolling Pins creates hand turned rolling pins in the French, Modern, Column and Shaker styles to assist with all your baking needs.

Ken and Cyndi Freeman of Vermont Rolling PinsKen's family bought the wood business from a master woodworker back in 2007. Ken studied under the master woodworker's tutelage for over a year before he and Cyndi created Vermont Rolling Pins. It is a business steeped in tradition from the land where the wood comes from to the tools used in the woodworking process.
Ken hand selects each block of wood from local wood mills. The design he settles on compliments the features of the wood including color, grain and knots. Once on the lathe the block of wood is transformed into a functional and artistic rolling pin or cake stand using hand tools. Ken finishes each piece by sanding and sealing with a food safe bee’s oil to protect the wood. 

Vermont Rolling Pins creates each piece with the user in mind ~ a novice home baker to a culinary expert, and everything in between. Ken loves working with wood as a medium. He hopes his products will be used in the kitchen for many generations. 

If you’re looking for handcrafted wooden kitchen baking utensils and accessories to add to your kitchen shop and register Vermont Rolling Pins.

Welcome to Vermont Rolling Pins!


“A tree’s wood is also it’s memoir.” - Hope Jahren


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