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ANNOUNCING: The Dowry Exclusives. New Collections Sold Just On The Dowry!

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Drink wine like Ernest Hemingway.

“This wine is too good for toast-drinking, my dear. You don't want to mix emotions up with a wine like that. You lose the taste.” Ernest Hemingway

I studied English in college and became obsessed with Hemingway. I loved the tone he gave his characters and the way they gathered together in the late afternoon to drink wine and talk about bull-fighting and love {reference The Sun Also Rises}.

Have you heard the news? The Dowry just launched a brand new collection called, “The Dowry Exclusives.” 

A brand new collection: The Dowry Exclusives

Partnering with our artists we commission pieces you will only find on The Dowry. We follow home trends and scout special finds we have to share with you, even if it means creating it from scratch.

The Dowry presents specific design concepts to our artists, who in turn breathe life into the concept, ultimately presenting you with the best new looks in the highest, handcrafted quality.

Presenting the Summer 2021 Trends: the Bodega Wine Glass and Colored Glass in Gem Tones.

European Bodega Wine Glasses (Spanish Wine Glasses) Exclusive Dowry Product
When I first heard about the exclusive bodega wine glasses The Dowry was launching this summer, I couldn’t help but be swept back to the Hemingway novels I fell in love with during college.
Something about sipping wine out of these short flat-bottomed glass tumblers feels relaxed and sophisticated like a bohemian European vacation.
Where stemware makes the wine {and the drinking of it} feel more polished, the bodega glass feels perfect for a serendipitous, outdoor, summer evening bottle {or two} among friends.

Gem Tone Colored Glass Wine Stackers, The Dowry Exclusive Product

Whether you’re inviting a few friends and family over or enjoying a cozy evening for two,

  • The Dowry European Bodega Wine Glasses, exclusively designed by JFR Glass (Austin, TX), and
  • The Dowry Gem Tone Plum + Teal Wine Stackers, exclusively designed by DH McNabb Public Glass (San Francisco, CA)

are the perfect relaxed (yet chic) style you’re looking for this summer. Their wide mouth makes them easy to clean and their stackable straight sides save space in your cupboard. You’ll love their look and how they feel in your hand so much you’ll reach for them for everything from wine to water. 

The Dowry will be collaborating with artists to launch exclusive, limited edition houseware items every quarter. You won’t want to miss these launches!

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Buen Provecho!

xoxo, The Dowry

“Oh, don't go to hell,” I said. “Stick around. We're just starting lunch.” Ernest Hemingway


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