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The Five Best Valentine's At-Home Dinner And Table Setting Ideas!

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ONE: Netflix And Chill Pizza Night


Opt for a homemade pizza plus craft cocktail night. We suggest getting in your cutest "comfies" think {Lake Pajamas}, and curl up with your love bug on the couch to binge some Netflix. 

Valentine's Pizza + Cocktail Date Night

Look to Sonja and Alex, of A Couple Cooksto give you 25 different homemade pizza recipe options, and make sure you make, bake, and present your pizza on The Baker's Board Pizza Peel!

It will save you from trying to figure out how to get your pizza off the hot oven rack without burning your fingers. The pizza easily slides onto the board, and is immediately ready to serve.

For some craft cocktail recipes, for your handblown glass tumblers from Austin, Texas based JFR Glass, look no further than the recipes on Craft Cocktails for any Season.

Add the final touches to your meal with the Agnes dinner plates, wheel-thrown and handcrafted by Fort Worth potter Kendall Davis Clay, and reclaimed fabric Tie Die Linen Napkins from Los Angeles' Atelier Saucier.

These beautiful pieces are not only functional, but also great Valentine's Day gifts!

The Baker's Board Perfect Peel Kendall Davis Clay Agnes Dinner Plates JFR Glass Tumblers Atelier Saucier Tie Die Linen Napkins

TWO: Hand-rolled Sushi And Sake Date Night

Go exotic with a sushi and sake night! We offer up two options to master your sushi date night below.

Valentine's Day Sushi Dinner Date Night

For the adventurous types, we suggest hand rolling your own sushi as part of your Valentine's date night, with the recipe Temaki Sushi – Easy Hand-Rolled Sushifrom Laura and Sarah of Wandercooks.

Pair your hand-rolled sushi with the wide selection of Central Market's sake. The employees in the sake section are always happy to talk you through the best selection, and offer up their expertise.

For those less adventurous, we suggest not only getting your sake at Central Market, but also stopping by the Central Market sushi section, and picking up some edamame, seaweed salad or gyoza for an appetizer, and 2-3 sushi rolls to complete your meal.

Whether your roll your own sushi or pick it up from Central Market, your table display will be beautiful with the above handcrafted items: Sushi Board by JK Homewares, comes in 3 different wood types, Sake Set by KAC Studio that includes the sake bottle, plus 5 sake cups, and the gorgeous wooden tray.

No table is complete without simplistic and stunning L'Impure vases by L'Impatience Ceramics for those Valentine's day flowers, and Geometric Cloth Napkins by MAKERS MARKET to wipe the soy sauce from your face!

 Sushi Board by JK Homewares Sake Set by KAC Studio L'Impatience Bud Vase MAKERS MARKET linen napkins

THREE: Breakfast in Bed Pampering

Ok, so this isn't dinner, BUT who doesn't love being thought of first thing in the morning? Surprise your loved one by showering them with love before they have even showered.

Valentine's Day Option of Breakfast in Bed

Instead of a complete focus on the food, we have opted to make this breakfast in bed beautiful and comfortable! It's impossible to eat anything while lying down, so make sure you are supported with the most gorgeous 50 States Hydrangea Lumbar pillow by Honey + Hank, and that your food is presented on a Breakfast-on-bed tray by Alabama Sawyer.

This is your chance to whisk up some eggs, bacon, pancakes or pick up some donuts! We love scrolling through the 25 Best Breakfast in Bed options from The Spruce Eats, with a side of hot coffee, and fresh squeezed orange juice poured into the Eye Winkler Short Tumbler in pink by Mosser Glass. Like option 2 add a Bottom Curve Bottle bud vase by E. Lo Ceramics to your breakfast tray, and make the Hydrangeas from your lumbar pillow come to life!

Breakfast in Bed Tray by Alabama Sawyer 50 States Hydrangea Lumbar Pillow by Honey and Hank Eye Winkler Tumbler in Pink by Mosser Glass Bottom Color Bud Vase by E. Lo Ceramics 

FOUR: Wine + Cheese Picnic

Sometimes you aren't in the mood for a full meal at the table, and would prefer to just curl up in front of the fire, on the floor, with a good glass of wine, and charcuterie board full of great meats, cheese, nuts and berries!

Valentine's Day Dinner Wine + Cheese Picnic

Our tablescape option number four delivers perfectly for your in-front-of-the-fire needs! Wrap up in on of Studio Herron's loom-woven Throw Blankets, her designs will not disappoint, and will be a talking piece for your night.

We don't go anywhere else except to The Baker Mama and Brooklyn Slate Co. Cheese Boards for all our charcuterie board needs - she has a plethora of Valentine's Day food boards to choose from, that will pair nicely with your favorite bottle of wine chilled in the Alabama Sawyer Solid Wood Ice Bucket, poured into one of six colored Stemless Wine Glasses handblown by Slow Burn Glass.

Studio Herron Throw Blanket Alabama Sawyer Ice Bucket Brooklyn Slate Cheese Board Slow Burn Glass Stemless Wine Glasses 

FIVE: Classic V-Day Steak Dinner

Last but not least, the tried and true classic Valentine's Steak Dinner over a candle lit table. As much as we love getting dressed up and going to a fancy steakhouse that is dimly lit and oozing with love and friendly waitstaff, an at-home grilled steak with twice baked potatoes, mac and cheese, with a starter salad is just as tasty, and more intimate!

Valentine's Classic Steak Dinner Option at Home

Check out The Defined Dish for a Filet Mignon with Mushroom Sauce that will make an excellent classic steak dinner for two! The Lauren HB Ceramic Formation Ceramic Plate Settings in black are the perfect statement pieces for your dinner. Present your steaks on the Untitled_Co. Yayoi Walnut Polka Dot board for a stunning center piece.

The only way to cut up these delicious steaks is with the Town Cutler handcrafted Classic Hankotsu Knife, 6 inches and paired with your favorite wine decanted in Iannazzi Glass decanter and stemless wine glasses.

Lauren HB Formation Plate Settings Ceramic Yayoi Walnut Board Classic Hankotsu Knife, 6 inches Iannazzi Glass Decanter and Stemless Wine Glasses

We hope one of these Valentine's Day dinner options and table-scapes resonates with you, and is worth executing this Valentine's day ~ with less options for restaurant dining and the need to wear a mask, staying at home and getting creative with dinner and gifts has never sounded so good.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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