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Five Ways to Celebrate Mom this Mother's Day

Gift Guide Mother's Day


Who is MOM?

Mom isn’t JUST the woman who gave birth to you. As far back in history as we can go, parents engaged in what biological anthropologists call 'cooperative breeding'. The idea that family and community collectively participate in holding, feeding, grooming and caring for the children of the tribe. Children had many mother and father figures to learn from. It wasn’t left to one mom and one dad alone. It wasn’t a competition, it was a collaboration. Scientists consider this shared responsibility part of the secret to our evolutionary success.

So maybe you have several women to celebrate this mother’s day. If I’m honest, I have a handful to thank this year. As you think about the women who shape, encourage, teach, nurture and support you, The Dowry has a few thoughts about how to make her feel the love. 


She fed you for years. If her love language is feeding her loved ones, it’s time to turn the table on her. Make her a special meal and while dining talk about her {for a change}. Or make a special meal the whole family can enjoy together. Let her relax while you make all her favorite foods and do the cleaning up afterwards!

Gift her something to represent all the times she nourished you with food. Upgrade her dining room table with pretty cloth napkins or girly glass dinner plates. If cheese is her passion, a Cheese Grotto would make a great group gift.


Cloth Napkins with Lucite Box


Cheese Grotto


Inverted Thistle Dinner Plate


She invested a lot of time in you. If her love language is quality time, create some space for quality one-on-one time May 9th. Pack her favorite sandwiches and wine, and go for a hike or take her on a picnic. This is a meaningful way to thank her for all the times she rocked you to sleep, drove you to dance, watched your baseball games and helped with class dioramas.

Gift her something that reminds her of your afternoon together like the blanket you used for the picnic, the wine tote you carried on the hike, or the slate charcuterie board for your picnic bites.


Throw Blanket


Thread + Whisk Wine Carrier


Charcuterie Board


She worked hard to create a beautiful home for you. If her love language is flowers or plants do it right this year! No more last minute 'Mother’s Day bouquet' from the grocer. Purchase your mom’s favorite flowers, and YouTube 'how to make an original floral arrangement'. If she is more into plants, go to the local nursery and select a plant more easy to keep alive than you.

Gift her a gorgeous handcrafted ceramic or glass vase or pitcher, if you are giving her flowers ~ she’ll keep and use it over and over again. If you are giving a plant, gift a handcrafted ceramic or wooden planter.


Inverted Thistle Pitcher


Agnes Vase Kendall Davis Clay


Hold On To Your Plants Terrarium


Mom pampered you for years. She made you soup when you were sick, rubbed your legs when you woke with growing pains and kissed every bump and scratch. If your mom’s love language is self-care, book a facial, mani/pedi, or massage for two.

Gift something that represents her hard work. Hand-thrown ceramic soup bowls for all those bowls of chicken noodle soup. Colorful tumblers for all those middle-of-the-night glasses of water she delivered. A special pillow for all the times she tucked you in at night.


Linen Soup Bowls


Zig Zag Pillow


Gem Tone Glass Tumbler


Mom makes things special. If her love language is words of love and gratitude, spend some time jotting down how and why she is special or your fondest childhood memories. Share these sentiments in a card or invite her over and reminisce face-to-face over a glass of wine.

Gift something that is personalized for her. A platter with her initials and a special date. A serving bowl with both your names stamped on the bottom. Handblown glasses with her name or state on bottom.

 Birch Personalized Platter

Agnes Serving Bowl

Personalized Glassblower Ben Tumblers


We hope you are able to spend the day celebrating ALL the women who raised you. And showing them love in the way that makes them feel the most loved!

Happy Mother’s Day from The Dowry!

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