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Elana Gabrielle

Meet the Maker, designer and illustrator, Elana Gabrielle of Elana Gabrielle creating from her studio in Portland, Oregon. Elana’s organic, botanical inspired kitchen linens, both cloth napkins and kitchen tea towels, are multi-functional and handmade to last for years.

Elana Gabrielle Screen Printed Textiles

Growing up in Northern California afforded Elana a childhood full of inspiration. She spent her days outside building driftwood forts, hiking, exploring and bathing in the rivers. These moments in nature influence her textile designs today. Everything she designs exudes this care and consideration for the earth. 

Elana first fell in love with screen printing and product design in school and has been illustrating, designing and printing ever since! She screen prints with earth-friendly inks and dyes onto natural fiber textiles to give your dining table, your kitchen, your picnic a lovely botanical feel. 

Elana’s stunning, earthy, sustainable kitchen linens, hand towels, and cloth napkins reflect her passion for the deep connection between humans and our natural environment. It is a relationship to be celebrated through moments of exploration, gratitude and joy. Her thoughtful award-winning designs are represented at Crate & Barrel, Roost Books, Terrain, and Olipop. 

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An understanding of the natural world and what's in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfillment. - David Attenborough


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