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Houston-based Taylor Kaufman and Max Miller met in March 2019 at Barbarella, a midtown dive bar and dance club on San Jacinto Street. The way Taylor describes it, she noticed Max eyeing her on the dance floor and after giving him a friendly and flirtatious wave their relationship took off.

Taylor and Max engagement photo

“Most guests who checked out our registry at The Dowry said how cool it was. We also had a registry on Zola, but the items on The Dowry really allowed us to get those handmade and sustainable pieces I really love.”

–– Bride, Taylor Kaufman Miller


Just over a year later, on an overcast day in June, Max proposed to Taylor on the island city of Galveston, Texas, with their two dogs, Tripp and Koda. Taylor and Max spent a lot of time at the beach in Galveston while they were dating and consider it their special place. The historic 1911 Hotel Galvez positioned across the street, from the beach on the Gulf of Mexico, was the perfect setting for the couple to say their vows on October 2, 2021

Taylor and Max's Wedding Day in Galveston at Hotel Galvez

Their wedding day greeted them with the craziest Galveston weather of thunder, lightening and pouring down rain, but hours before the ceremony the weather cleared allowing them to stick with their original plan of marrying outside on the beautiful grounds of the hotel. The added bonus was experiencing cooler than normal temperatures for an outdoor Texas wedding ~ and the old wive's tale states that it is good luck to get married on a rainy day! Taylor’s dress featured swoon-worthy puff sleeves and she held a white and yellow bouquet of flowers that complimented the ocean backdrop of their outdoor wedding. Max looked classically handsome in his blue suit. The Dowry is so happy for them and we wish them all the happiness and joy in their new life together.

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“I love supporting small businesses and artists. I know how much it means [to their livelihood] to support them, and I love the uniqueness behind all the handmade goods!”


Taylor and Max created and featured two wedding registries (The Dowry and Zola) on their wedding website giving their guests options of where to purchase from. Their Scandinavian Minimalist home design aesthetic made the couple choose home decor and functional home items of natural wood and white and cream color combinations.

Since Scandinavian Minimalist design represents simplicity, purity and calm it is ultimately about buying less but buying better, and letting the objects in your home do the talking while staying functional and comfortable.

Scandinavian Minimalist Wedding Gift Registry Selections

REGISTRY PRO TIP: Create or pin Pinterest collages, like the one we did above, to assure the items from your different registries complete the look you want.


When asked what she was most excited about on her registry at The Dowry, Taylor said, “We actually received everything we put on our registry at The Dowry and it's all so beautiful. The m.bueno Pottery place settings are so perfect! Everything we picked out and received is very special and we'll have the items forever.”

By following 3-5 short steps, they were able to link The Dowry and Zola registries to their wedding website creating a wonderfully unique and beautifully complementary collection of household items. Here are the steps to connect your registries, if you use The Knot or Zola or Minted.

Taylor also recommends consulting friends and family for what products are needed on your registry and she used a wedding registry checklist to simplify the registering process and to keep her on track as she selected items from different retailers.

Download Wedding Gift Registry Item Checklist 


The Dowry (TD): How many wedding registries did you have in total?

Taylor Kaufman (TK): We had two. The Dowry and Zola.

TD: What made you choose to create a registry at The Dowry?

TK: I love supporting small businesses and independent artists. They put a lot of themselves into what they create and their handcrafted products feel so special. We’ll have these items in our home forever. 

TD: How would you describe your home design style and how did you register with that in mind?

Add the Flikr Fire to Wedding Gift Registry

TK: We like the simplicity of Scandinavian design. The clean lines of ceramic tableware, minimalist serveware and the natural palette of our tabletop linens make it easy to mix and match. We added items we loved and knew we would use all the time.

TD: How was your experience creating a wedding registry at The Dowry and linking it to your wedding website?

TK: I just had to answer a couple questions and click submit, and then I had created my registry at The Dowry. It was easy and fun to select product, and once I had added enough items, it was very intuitive to add the registry URL to our wedding website. Our friends and family could shop all our favorite products in just a few clicks from our registry page on our website between The Dowry and Zola.


The Dowry features hand-thrown ceramic dishes, hand-forged steel knives and copper cookware, hand-woven linens, hand-crafted wood pieces, and hand-blown glass by artists across the country.

Create a Wedding Registry At The Dowry.

These unique and beautiful items compliment every aesthetic and the products found on other registry sites. When you create a registry at The Dowry you’ll create the most functional, inspiring and personal registry to start your life together.

If you’re looking for beautifully handcrafted details to add to your registry, click "Get Started" to see the perks of registering at The Dowry and how to get started!

Get Started with your wedding registry on The Dowry today!

The Dowry is honored to be one of Taylor and Max's choices for a wedding registry. Congratulations to Taylor and Max! We wish you the most beautiful wedding and life together.


xoxo, The Dowry

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