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Top Six Reasons To Personalize Items On Your Registry!

One of the beautiful things about registering on The Dowry is the personal relationship you can build with the artists who create your heirloom quality items. Because of this, most of the home goods on The Dowry allow for customization and personalization.

You can personalize your place settings or serveware with your hand-painted initials and special date, etch a special map location with coordinates on your glassware, or stamp your new last name on the bottom of your barware. The wooden cutting boards and slate charcuterie boards allow for monograms and last names as well!

People have been leaving their mark on objects, by way of seals, initials and monograms for centuries. In an anthropological way, it would seem that rooted deep in our human DNA is the need to leave a mark. The ability to connect us to future generations through the objects we treasure most.

Louis Vuitton AD
  • Early Greek and Roman rulers monogrammed currency to claim its origin, while their elite royalty and military leaders marked possessions {including jewelry and clothes} to show power and position.
  • In the middle ages, artists used monograms and initials to sign their work. Georges Vuitton launched Louis Vuitton’s signature monogram, featuring his father’s initials, quatrefoils, and rounded florals in 1896.
  • Fashion houses use the monogram as a way to brand themselves and differentiate their products from competitors. 

Over the years, our founder and CEO, Megan Hodges Green, has enjoyed receiving household items {usually one-by-one versus full sets} from her maternal grandmother, Alice. She loves hearing the stories of the original owners, her great-grandmother, Alice May Gillam, and great-great grandmother, also Alice May Gillam, and how each generation has received these special monogrammed pieces. You can see the image of her great-great-grandmother's small silver compote bowl below under STORY.

Monogramming and personalization has fallen in and out of fashion over time. But when it comes in the form of an heirloom, safeguarded and passed down, it’s always on trend. 

Here are six reasons you’ll want to personalize items on your wedding registry through The Dowry:







By customizing these handcrafted home goods you are creating family heirlooms that will grow in sentimental value and represent the essence of the ones you love for generations to come.

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