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The Groom's Wedding Gift Registry Picks

Dirty Dancing Last Lift Scene

You know that scene when Johnny walks up to the table, extends his hand, and says, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner,” then proceeds to take her to the stage at Kellerman’s Resort, and they perform their well-rehearsed dance and dazzle us all with the lift of a lifetime? “Dirty Dancing” is on Hulu, FYI.

It makes me think about grooms and how they are often relegated to the corner when it comes to making decisions about home good essentials and decor for their wedding registries. To that I say: Nobody puts the groom in a corner! Hear from our three grooms and what they selected as their faves on The Dowry, click the images to browse the products yourself:


Selections from Groom One, HenryFlikr FireThe Baker's BoardTown Cuter Knife and Cutlery SetsThread & Whisk Grilling Apron

As your wedding day approaches, remember to let the groom in your life be up on stage shining side by side with you. He has opinions and aesthetics you should hear and honor. You want him to feel comfortable and connected to the space that he will also call home. You want him to enjoy the same sense of belonging that means so much to you. 

Selections from Groom number 2, Rohit.

Ansel Sake Set, Groom's Choice

Clay Path Studio Casserole Dish

Whiskey Chilling Stones

Euclid Throw Blanket, Groom's Pick

There are a lot of brides out there who are looking for ways to involve their grooms in the process of creating gift registries and homes they both can feel connected to.

Pick a few home good categories you know he’ll have opinions about, and let him be in charge. Remember, it's important for your groom to feel included in the process, win some of the debates and choose some of the uncommon houseware items. He cooks, entertains and relaxes in the same space you do, so he needs to feel every bit as proud and comforted by his surroundings.  

Selections from Groom three, Cam.

Alabama Sawyer Magnetic Knife Holder

What Grooms Want Cam's Pick Damien Catch All

Outward Cartography Pint Glasses - Personalize yours!Solid Wooden Ice Bucket by  Alabama Sawyer

We certainly noticed patterns in the types of unique home good the guys above were drawn to, and think our anecdotal research can act as a good starting point to get your groom more involved in the wedding registry process.


A big thanks to the guys for sharing their unique household item wish list from The Dowry. We hope this motivates you to include your groom in the wedding registry process and trust his instincts. After all, he picked you!!

A great perk of The Dowry registry is it never expires!

You can save any non-purchased wedding gifts your groom picked out and buy them for future birthdays and anniversaries. Such a great perk!

If you’re struggling to mix your design styles with your significant other on your wedding gift registry, read Five Steps to Blend Design Styles, and for a complete list of what to include on your wedding registries, download The Dowry Wedding Registry Checklists.

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