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Download Your Wedding Gift Registry Checklists.

Create Your Registry Registry Tips and Tricks Wedding Registry Checklist

Everything You Need For Your Wedding Registries

Creating functional and beautiful wedding registries doesn’t happen by accident. It requires careful consideration to add the right items and the right quantities.

80% of couples set up their registries and start adding items 6-9 moths before their wedding date.

You want to give your guests attending your pre-wedding celebrations  {wedding showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and the rehearsal dinner} a chance to shop for items picked out personally by you and your fiance.

The Knot 2019 study discovered that the average engaged couple creates more than three different registries, and 97% of all registries are managed online. 

So what does all this data mean for you? It means that: 

    • 7-8 months before your wedding date, you’ll want to create your wedding registries and add enough products to make sure it’s complete.
    • You should create 2-3 different types of registries depending on your personal needs and wants.
    • You don’t have to leave the comforts of home to do any of it. {Yea! Finally something you can do during COVID!}

If the process has you feeling a little less than confident, you aren’t alone. We have come to the rescue and created The Dowry Wedding Registry Checklists. These printable checklists will ensure you’ve added the right home goods, in the right quantities, to your registries.


Different Types of Wedding Registries To Consider.Click the three checklists below {1. Kitchen + Tabletop 2. Appliances + Electronics, 3. Bed + Bath} to download and print each list of gift registry items to help you during your registry creation process.

We all want our homes filled with personal details that feel unique to our relationships. The Dowry is the place to register for curated, artisan-made

possessing a level of quality you don’t get when purchasing mass-produced.

The items you find at The Dowry are made by individuals with an education in their field of art or design, and with years of experience perfecting their craft.


Kitchen, Tabletop, Decor

(1) Kitchen Basics like utensils, bakeware and cookware;

(2) Tableware includes dinnerware, serveware, drinkware, flatware, serving utensils, cutlery and table linens; and

(3) Home Decor with home textiles and accessories! 

Browse The Dowry for plates, bowls, drinkware, barware, serveware, cutlery, kitchen items, table linens and more.


Appliances, Electronics and Travel

Wedding Registry Checklist: Appliances, Electronics & Travel


Whether you’re starting from scratch or need just a few additional household appliances to complete your arsenal, this registry type is important to have. Any well-run home needs these essentials.

Make sure you have home appliances like a blender, an Instapot, a coffee or espresso maker, a stand or hand mixer, food processor and a vacuum.

Include smart electronics like speakers, displays, plugs, lightbulbs, a Nest thermostat and a Ring doorbell. You may also need a few key pieces of furniture like a mattress, pillows, rugs, travel items or a barbecue grill. Your typical big-box retailer, whether brick-and-mortar or online, will carry these types of items.


Bed, Bath and Laundry 

Wedding Registry Checklist: Bed, Bath & Laundry


The last checklist includes the categories of

(1) Bedrooms (master and guest),

(2) Bathrooms (master and guest) and

(3) Laundry items. 

BONUS: Get Creative. Think of the activities you love to do in your spare time and where you’d buy the necessary gear to accomplish them.

Love to camp? Register at a sporting goods store to add items like a tent, sleeping bags and a water purifier.

Is grilling your priority? Register at Amazon for year-round availability of grills, fire pits and smokers.

Dream of creating a garden? Register at a home improvement store or local nursery for seeds, shovels and gloves.

If you long to visit Costa Rica and hang out with sloths, check out VEBO or other new online experience registries. 


Before you create any registries, we recommend you take inventory of what you already have, what needs to be replaced, and what you still need. Read Five Steps to Blend Your Design Styles to help you walk through the inventory process.

If you have questions about creating, managing and sharing your registry at The Dowry, read:

Feel free to leave a comment below and we will get back to you. The process of creating wedding registries with your significant other gives you a moment to daydream about the life you want to create together. Enjoy the process, celebrate your unique relationship, and best of luck creating wedding registries that serve you best.

Comprehensive Wedding Planning Checklist

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