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The Tabletop Guide: Details Of The Place Setting.

Create Your Registry Glossary of Tabletop Terms Registry Tips and Tricks

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How to set the table the Alexander McQueen way!

The Dowry Glossary of Tabletop ItemsNavigating a tabletop can feel a little daunting. Everything has a precise place in relation to everything else on the table. Whether you did cotillion at 12, went to finishing school, or your Aunt Beverly was a stickler for the rules, you probably already know on what side of the dinner plate the napkin goes and where to put the drinking glass. Kudos to Aunt Bev! But we are here to teach you something even more fundamental.

Before we discuss where the bread plate goes, we need to understand what a bread plate IS and how it is different from the salad, dessert, dinner and charger plates.

The Dowry Tabletop Guide. Print to learn how to set your table!

If you have a basic understanding of all the different plates, bowls, cups, platters and boards, you’ll more easily know what you need, what to look for, and what to do with it. And then, just like Mr. McQueen said, you can demolish the rules and keep the traditions in ways that feel singularly best for you. 

Download The Dowry Glossary Of Tabletop Terms below, which provides the dimensions, descriptions and uses for each type of tabletop dish. 


We hope you find this information helpful as you shop and register at The Dowry. The categories in the glossary reflect the categories on The Dowry website and product naming convention based on product size. Our dinner plates will always be 10-12 inches in diameter and our salad plates will always be 7-8.5 inches in diameter, no matter which artist you are shopping and registering for!

Once you have this knowledge, you’re ready to set out and create your own rules and ways of doing things. Aunt Beverly be damned.

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