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Five Ways To Politely Share Your Wedding Registry.

Registry Tips and Tricks Share Your Registry

You’ve created your registries, selected and added what you need and want, and managed product quantities and different gift price ranges. Now it’s time to share this curated list with friends and family before your wedding and other related celebrations.

Like we’ve said before, understanding conventions gives you the freedom to know when to follow them and when to replace them with something that works better for you.

Wedding Invitation

Our final installment in this series covers the often sensitive topic of sharing your registries and spreading the word before engagement parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and, of course, the wedding.

Done properly, your wedding registries can do a lot of work for you. They will make it easier for your guests to confidently shop and choose gifts they know you’ll use and love for a long time.

So how do you tastefully get this list of amazing gifts in front of your friends and family? Read below!


Q1: How should we share our wedding registry with family and friends?

A1: It can be complicated.

Though it’s considered taboo to mention gift registries on the wedding invitation, there are still many ways to spread the word. Include registry information on your:

  • Save-the-date cards.
  • Engagement party invitations.
  • Bridal (wedding) shower invitations.
  • Wedding website.

You might consider adding an insert to your wedding invitation with directions to the reception, wedding accommodations and the wedding website address. Your wedding website is a great place to include details about your registries, and is a roundabout way to have the registries included with your wedding invitation.

But if you have a laid-back group of friends and family, text them a link or share your registry on social media. You do you.

The Dowry tip: If you have a registry at The Dowry, you get a unique website URL that makes it easy to share with friends and family. You can also add this URL to your wedding website, along with other registry links, so anyone can shop your registry in one click. (See question #5 about how to get The Dowry logo for your wedding website, and also how to communicate to family and friends about this new registry site!)


Q2: How do we make sure to get the items we need most?

A2: Add products in stages.

Make sure you register for those must-haves – the items you really need or want – first.

Create a wish list of items that are your must-haves versus your nice-to-haves (or are secondary to your wants and needs).

  • Are you eating off a hodgepodge of dishes?
  • Are you a coffee lover without the barista setup?
    • Include an espresso machine and sets of ceramic mugs.
  • Do you have the household basics?
  • Do you love entertaining?

Wedding Registry Items

As the registry items you really want and need are purchased off your registry, start to add your list of second-tier gifts in similar price ranges. These second-tier gifts might serve a less vital role in your home, but you’d still love to have them. Then keep an eye on your registry. A few months out from your events, check it weekly. As you get closer to your events, check your registry daily. And especially check your registry the day after an event!

The list might include a fun selection of table linens, an extra set of serving bowls or special dessert plates. You get the idea.

The goal is to keep your registry full of available items in a mix of prices ranges from the day you get engaged until six to 12 months after your wedding. If you do the steps above, your new home should be filled with the things you most need and want first!


Q3: How long should we keep our registry active?

A3: Look for unlimited registry life.

In general, guests have up to a year after the wedding to get you a gift. Keep your registry updated and active with a few items in different price ranges for friends and family that need a little bit more time to pull the trigger. 

Look for registry expiration dates as you consider which retailers to use. Depending on what you choose, your registry could go inactive or expire just 12 months after your wedding day.

A Target wedding registry will expire after 18 months. Pottery Barn registries expire 12 months after your wedding day.

The Dowry tip: The Dowry lets you decide when your registry goes inactive. That means you can keep it active and open indefinitely. You have the option to purchase remaining items off of your registry, at a discount, within a year of your wedding. Because we are always adding new artists and new products, you might want to keep it active for birthdays, housewarming gifts and other occasions where gifts are purchased. It’s all up to you.


Q4: What if there are still items left on our wedding registry after the wedding?

A4: Look for registry perks.

Some wedding registries offer perks, like completion programs. The Dowry, for example, offers 10% off items left on your registry if you purchase within 12 months of your wedding. This is a great chance to get the items overlooked by your guests.
The Dowry never expires, so you can shop those remaining items on your registry without feeling rushed to complete place settings or wine glass sets before you even get back from your honeymoon. What a great way to continue to update your home with new details and give one another gift ideas for birthdays and anniversaries. 


Q5: How should we mention our wedding gift registry at The Dowry?

A5: Spread The Dowry word.
You’ve decided to include The Dowry as one of your three wedding registries. You’ve added beautiful handmade items to your registry and can’t wait to share it with your friends and family.
Now how do you explain to your guests what The Dowry is and why they should purchase off of this new registry over a store they have shopped before?
We have four suggestions:
  • Include The Dowry on your wedding website next to your other registries. Feel free to use our logo next to the logos of the other retailers you have chosen. You can right click and save this image:
  • Add a couple of sentences on why you felt The Dowry spoke to you as a couple and what it would mean to receive a gift from The Dowry. Here is an example:

    “We are so excited about our wedding gift registry at The Dowry. We picked beautiful, handmade items for our home that we can’t wait to use. Everything is made by artists in the U.S. and feels very personal to the kind of home we want to create together.”

  • Use the copy above when you include your registry information on your save-the-date cards, engagement party invitations or bridal (wedding) shower invitations.
  • But the best way to communicate about The Dowry registry is to use the share link when you are logged into your registry!
There you have it. Fifteen of the most commonly asked wedding registry questions and answers. With this arsenal of information, we hope you can move through the process of making, maintaining and sharing your registries with total confidence.



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